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Ok. That substitute is raking on my nerves this week. I can't stand him, ha we just found this xanga all about Mr R so it inspired this entry. He's hairy, he stutters, he doesn't know what he's talking about, he thinks he's cool. He tries to molest all of us. If that psycho comes near me with his corny jokes and hairy face one more time I'm going to scream. Does he not notice that we don't pay attention? Maybe he does but the ways he tries to fix's just idiotic. "sam next time you tell me don't understand I'm not helping you!" Ok Mr R, first of all I never ask you for help. I don't understand it yet because I haven't read the chapter but once i do I'll get it. I don't need you! Second if I didn't understand and I wanted your help and I was playing games in class...o well. Your a teacher and it's your job to teach us and help us understand whether or not we're rude to you. In the beginning I felt bad being mean to you because you got so confused and flustered. But right now I frankly do not care. He pisses me off beyond belief. Thank God I have a free today...the ass has no idea what he's doing and he changes things like every other day. I would definately be better off just having frees every day instead of Chem and have test every other week. I know I'd do fine because it's basically what I'm doing except I have to deal with him and all the times he changes his mind so my studying gets screwed up. He's seriously shifty about our grades and he's so creepy. I really hope we don't have to deal with him for another marking period.
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