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last week someone mentioned how soph hop is going to be corny and have bad decorations or something during lunch... which of course is going to insult me a little, im decorating. but i bit my tongue and figured they could see for themselves. but people keep saying bad things about it. they don't even know that we're doing and they already have a chip on their shoulder and act like they're too good for it. well me and li have worked hard and i think it's gonna look awesome. hopefully everyone will show up open minded and make it fun, because i hate when people show up places thinking they'll have a bad time, and they never even give it a chance. i just always expect to have fun because we're all crazy and have fun wherever we go. if it was me, i'd think "hey... my friends are decorating the dance... awesome, it will be better this year." oh well. i just hope everyone likes it because it does upset me that we did a lot of work and no one's excited. i hope you guys all have fun ;)
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